Welcoming Week Family “Kick-Off” in Bend!!!

Welcoming Week Family “Kick-Off” in Bend!!!


The Bend Welcoming Week Family “Kick-Off” – Organized by Central Oregon Neighbor-Love Alliance (CONL)

Location: Ponderosa Elementary School (3790 NE Purcell Blvd, Bend, OR 97701)

Date/Time: Saturday, September 16th from 9am – 3pm

  • Citywide Kickball Tournament: 9am-12pm (13 & up)
  • Kids Kickball Game: 12pm-1pm (12 & under)
  • Championship Citywide Round: 1pm-3pm

Contact: Anthony Machi

Recruit and sign up your team for Bend’s first ever city-wide Kickball tournament!  Each team must be comprised of 11 players with a minimum of 5 women/girls. Prizes will be awarded for the winning team as well as the best costumes / uniforms.

This family-friendly day will include:

  • Kickball tournament
  • Free-play area for families
  • Local food for purchase
  • Tables / Information about community organizations

How can you participate?

  • Sign up your team HERE and contact Anthony to volunteer or with any questions
  • Host a Table at the kickball tournament!  Provide information about your organization or alliance including points of engagement for community members interested in getting involved in the ongoing, tangible practice of welcoming.
  • Print and share the attached “Welcoming KICKOFF Flyer” with your friends, family, group, local coffee shop community calendar, etc.

For more Welcoming Week events, check out the City Calendar.


Did you know that on June 21, 2017, the Bend City Council unanimously supported a resolution for the City of Bend to be recognized as a Welcoming City?!

Here is a link to the Welcoming City Resolution

You may be wondering: “What is a ‘Welcoming City’?” and “What does it mean for Bend?

In summary; Welcoming Cities are guided by the principles of inclusion and creating communities that prosper because everyone feels welcome; including immigrants and refugees. There are some specific inclusive actions that Bend committed to as a “Welcoming City” which will provide equitable access to the cities services and economic opportunities. This is not just a “warm and fuzzy”, in name only sort of resolution but something that, if Bend embraces it fully, can be impactful to our immigrant community. For example:

  • In alignment with Oregon state laws, Bend will continue to refrain from the use of City funds, personnel and equipment from enforcing federal immigration laws and detaining people solely on their immigration status.
  • Bend will ensure that all people, regardless of race, religion, economic status, cultural, or language backgrounds, can enjoy full access to services to which they are entitled.

Here is a link to the Welcoming America website for more details about this movement.