Resources for Citizen Voters


To hold your representative accountable and make your voice heard.

We hear you. It’s overwhelming with the executive orders, state legislature in session, and Congress trying to pass 3wealthcare while trying to spin it as our healthcare. So, we started listing our favorite resources for keeping us efficient and focused. We will win.

Indivisible Guide — Is our guide for making Congress listen. We’ve visited the Bend office weekly, called the DC office daily and are flexing our democracy muscles.

Daily: Call Your Representatives — Encourages you to make 5 calls a day, and even provides scripts on topics for the day. Great way to get more comfortable with calling if you are new to activism.

Stance App — iTunes or Android — If you weren’t able to call during DC hours, record a message! Stance App records your message and distributes to your representatives voicemail. Get inspired at

Countable (App)- App for your smartphone (iPhone and Android) to send you notifications when bills or topics are being discussed.

Weekly: Stay Informed

Indivisible Guide (Federal)— sends out a weekly update for activists. Get on their mailing list! — (Oregon) — find out which issues are happening here on the ground.

Re:Act Letter (Email)— Is a weekly email with updates on what’s important this week and actions you can take.

Get Educated

10 REMINDERS FOR DEMOCRACY ADVOCATES — George Lakoff — Website by Steve Balmer (former CEO of Microsoft) that turns the federal (and state) budget data into easily understandable charts. Know where the money flows. — Federal Government Transparency. See how your representatives voted, how their campaigns are funded, and if they’re values are matching up with yours. — State Government Transparency. Takes the data from and turns it into a more readable format where you can look up bills by legislator, what’s already passed and what’s been introduced.

Don’t Think Like an Elephant (book) — also available at the Deschutes Library.

OPB interview with George Lakoff (video) — MUST LISTEN. — Wikipedia for Activists. Research topics in depth. Understand the history.

Take Care

This is a long game for the next 2 years. Stay healthy.