Endorsements for Ballot Measures


We now know what measures will be on November’s ballot. As part of Indivisible Bend’s mission of voting for and defending progressive values, the membership recently voted on formal endorsements related to the following Measures: 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106. Below is a brief summary for each Measure. Indivisible Bend will be supporting the various campaigns that are working to get information out to the public regarding the impact of each of these measures.

Measure 102
What is it? A statewide constitutional amendment that will make local affordable housing bonds go further without added cost to taxpayers. The amendment would remove a restriction that currently prevents local affordable housing bond dollars from being used in partnership with non-profit and private housing providers.
Endorsement: “Yes on Measure 102” – Support the “Yes for Affordable Housing” campaign

Measure 103
What is it? This is a measure to amend Oregon’s Constitution to permanently ban taxes on grocery items (like sodas and other sugary sodas) and would also freeze Oregon’s corporate minimum tax. Mary King, a retired Portland State University economics professor who’s looked at the measure, said it’s “a massive, unprecedented carve-out for some of the biggest retailers in the world that will apply to far more than just the food they sell.”
Endorsement: “No on Measure 103” – Support “No on 103” 

Measure 104
What is it? Expands the 3/5ths majority requirement in the legislature beyond taxes to all bills that raise revenue–including closing tax loopholes, getting rid of tax credits, and even raising simple fees, like park fees and vehicle registration fees.
Endorsement: “No on Measure 104” – Support “No on 104” (website coming soon)

Measure 105
What is it? Eliminates anti-profiling legislation protecting Oregonians from unfair racial profiling.2
Endorsement: “No on Measure 105” – Support “Oregonians United Against Profiling” 

Measure 106
What is it? Prohibition on using public funds for abortions and would also impact public employees’ health insurance, which currently covers the procedures. “The right to health care is the foundation of freedom and opportunity for women and their families,” Grayson Dempsey, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, wrote in a news release. “No one should be denied care because of how much they make or how they are insured.”
Endorsement: “No on Measure 106” – Support NARAL & Planned Parenthood’s “No Cuts to Care”