Fundraiser for Latino Community Association

Fundraiser for Latino Community Association


It was a full house on Thursday, December 7 at the Latino Community Association’s annual fundraiser luncheon hosted at the Unitarian Universalist’s beautiful sanctuary.

We heard from a mother of three children who fled the violence in her hometown in search of a better life for her children. She joined her cousin in the US and left behind everything that she knew and turned to a country whose language she did not speak with an unfamiliar culture with the dream of providing hope for her children.

She shared with us her story of how she found support from the Latino Community Association (LCA) after her cousin moved away to Portland. The LCA translated her immigration documents as she worked through the asylum process, helped her submit documents to legally work in the US, assisted in enrolling her children in school, and applying for healthcare and dental care for her family.

The employees and volunteers of the LCA quietly do the important work of welcoming and integrating immigrants into our community. They provide the support services that our immigrant neighbors need so they can thrive in their new home. If you weren’t able to attend the fundraiser, you can still contribute to their important mission.

Thank you LCA for doing what you do!