Call to Action: Tell Walden: Vote YES to Impeach Trump


Although Walden is retiring, his work is not done. One could argue that his most important vote is in front of him, the vote that will protect our Constitution and our Democracy, the Impeachment Vote. 

He needs to hear from every one of his constituents today and every day until we get confirmation that he will vote YES to Impeach Trump. 

Action 1: Enter Walden’s number into your phone’s contacts – 202-225-6730

Action 2: Call Walden’s office every day with a message along the lines of: “My name is ______ and I am Representative Walden’s constituent living in _______. I am calling to get confirmation that Representative Walden will vote YES to Impeach Trump. After reading the transcript of the call to the Ukrainian President, the evidence is clear that Trump used his office to pressure Ukraine for a personal political favor to influence our elections. In 2016, he accepted help from the Russians, and in 2019, he is proactively reaching out for help from Ukraine. Our country is better than this and Trump has committed an impeachable offense and he needs to be removed from office. Will Congressman Walden vote YES to Impeach President Trump?”

Action 3: Please make this call every day until the answer that you receive is a “YES”.